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Suzanne immediately made me feel at ease. She listened carefully to the problems I have been experiencing with my horse and explained possible reasons and also how she would help me overcome them. Her demonstration was clear and her explanation of what she was doing easy to understand. She was very patient when I was practising. It is wonderful to get such positive assistance – kind but firm correction of a problem.

Thank you so much for your help with loading Lady. The change in her is amazing. Not only is she going willingly and calmly in and out of the trailer, but she’s much calmer in herself as well. We carried on with the training as you suggested and as she was doing so well, decided to take her to the show on Sunday. She went into the trailer calmly, travelled brilliantly, was as cool as a cucumber when she arrived and after her class was happy to stand in the trailer eating her hay. She’s also far less bargy and I feel much more confident with her. Thank you so much.

Suzanne was very helpful and informative. She got my horse working with a Dually and long-lining in the first session. I was very impressed. Now the future seems bright ! If it wasn’t for the Kelly Marks demo at Blue Barn, my horse most certainly would have been sold! Kelly and the IH team have inspired me and given me hope and confidence to persist and work through my problems. Thanks to all of you !!

I am so pleased that Suzanne came to help me. It has restored my faith that problems can be solved in a more holistic way. I was so impressed with Suzanne’s professionalism. She explained everything she did in detail and made me re-focus my approach in a more positive way – she was absolutely brilliant.

Suzanne was excellent not only at managing my expectations, but in reassuring me that all I had done so far was not wrong !! I would not hesitate to recommend Suzanne to anyone – she is a genuine, caring professional who takes time to explain what is happening and why and how to take steps to rectify it and what to expect.

I am very happy with the results of the schooling. Ffin is more balanced in his trot, more on the ball and is maintaining his canter better, although we still have work to do. His transitions are now excellent. I have been so pleased with Suzanne and with Ffin. I am now going back for regular lessons and a weekend course.

Excellent. I was very impressed with Suzanne’s way of handling Smartie. She seems to have hit the nail on the head. I know it’s early days, but my relationship with Smartie seems to be going from strength to strength. He is concentrating and listening to me and my aids already. Suzanne was very efficient and knew what she was doing. She listened to our problems and has more or less solved them. I still have a lot of ground work to do with Smartie, but with Suzanne’s help and expertise, I know my problems will be solved – thank you!

Between Suzanne and I we discussed the best solution / development for Mickey. Suzanne took the time to really understand Mickey and me. We decided on a slow, repetitive and progressive route. I saw some big changes in him and picked up a lot of confidence about my own approach.

Sharon's Story

Back in July 1997 my young horse came back to live with me, she was unfortunately up for sale and I had a huge response to the advert and DVD. Unfortunately, when she came back to me she had serious issues in terms of loading, in fact she flatly refused and became dangerous not only to herself, but to others around her. This obviously was going to be a huge problem if she was to be sold.

I tried, very patiently, in vain, to load her, I had all sorts of help from friends, but to no avail, then one day a lady who was at the livery yard where I kept her, suggested I contact Suzanne, she had in fact been liveried with Suzanne some years before; she sang her praises and said that if anyone could help then Suzanne could.

I was at my wits end, so I rang Suzanne, explained the situation and made an appointment for her to come and help us.

In August 2007 Suzanne came to, not only my horse’s rescue, but also mine, I was very emotional about the whole thing, worried that she would get hurt and worried that she would never go on a lorry ever again !

As soon as Suzanne came to see us, I felt completely comfortable and at ease, she explained everything to me to allay any fears I had, she came and met my youngster, took her up to the manege and did some work with her on the ground, just making her aware of space and encouraging her to respond to her requests.

We then returned to the lorry, Suzanne was extremely patient, laying down the ground rules, she was firm, but extremely fair and it was not long before my youngster started to trust Suzanne and respond in the most natural way I have ever seen. There was no pushing or pulling, it was all by suggestion, guidance and gentle persuasion and building up her confidence and trust. After a little while, my young horse, who was terrified of going up on to the ramp suddenly, decided it was a good idea! Suzanne took her up and down the ramp several times and at the end of the session my terrified youngster took herself up, turned round and stood quietly, she then came down the ramp in a calm and relaxed way.

I am so grateful to Suzanne for her patience and kindness, Intelligent Horsemanship really does work, it’s all about understanding the fears and anxieties that we put upon our horses and working with them so that they are not only happy to work with us but do so in a relaxed and confident manner.

Thank you.

Annie's Story

"Sit deep but sit up tall!" "Follow the movement but sit still!" "Leg on but knees off!" "Open your hips but turn your toes in!" "Heels down and ride from behind!" "Relax!" I don’t know what all of those commands mean to you, but to me they meant hollow backed horses on the forehand with their noses in the air. Often it meant horses grinding to a halt or, even worse, horses bolting. In the end what it really meant to me was frustration and finally a fear of riding.

As an adult learning to ride I expected to feel nervous and unstable in the saddle in the beginning. I expected this feeling to improve as my riding improved, but it didn’t. I wasn’t completely hopeless but then I wasn’t very good either. Friends that I rode with said that I looked fine in the saddle, but then good friends always do I expect. I had weekly lessons for a couple of years and was so determined to improve. The problem really seemed to come from the fact that I never felt secure in the saddle. Obviously I accept that riding is a risk sport and I am not a complete coward, so why was I lacking in the confidence that other riders seemed to have? I felt inadequate and each scary experience was compounded. It felt like a dead end.

I changed riding instructors to one who had so much confidence herself that she had plenty to spare and was sympathetic to my fears. I did get back in the saddle, but even after another year or so of lessons I felt that I was still missing some key that other people took for granted. I had seen a couple of demonstrations by Mary Wanless and could completely understand her concept that good riders often aren’t even aware of what it is that they do and that they are even less likely to be able to explain it to others, but I couldn’t see how to apply the Ride With Your Mind ideas to my riding. Then I came across Suzanne through a local riding club and I asked her for lessons.

Although the alterations in my riding position that Suzanne has taught me are not always obvious when looking at me from outside, from the inside they have had a huge impact. I couldn't appreciate just how little contact I had with the saddle before, by comparison I now feel almost glued to it. Just how much this first step has done for my riding confidence is hard to quantify. I am convinced that for me this is the way to learn to ride not only from how much I now enjoy riding, but also from the feedback that I get from the horses when I get it right.

I know that I am at the beginning of a long road, but finally it feels like it is a road that is going somewhere. I now feel that the progress that I make is accumulative, like building blocks, and I am enjoying the learning process too. I have gone from at one time being too scared to go near a horse to now galloping along sandy beaches while still feeling calm and in control, and loving it. I have my optimism about riding back again now, and if this is the progress that I have made so far then I can't wait to see what it will lead to.



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