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Quote from Mary Wanless:

The Ride with your Mind approach is a tremendous advance in teaching and learning. It shows any rider how to organise her mind and body in the same way as the riders that we call 'talented.' This enables each person to learn the same feels, to achieve the same results and discover the difference that makes the difference for you and the horse. The techniques used are very streamlined. By increasing the rider's body awareness and using images which help her understand both what to do and how to do it, incredible improvements can be obtained in a very short time defying traditional expectations.

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I have been working with Mary's concepts since 2000, and am an Accredited Coach of Mary's work. Working within these concepts you are encouraged to focus on biomechanics and the understanding of your body being the cause and your horse's body the effect. I will explain how to maximise your strengths and develop your skills in order to get the best results for you and your horse. I will ensure that you fully comprehend the concepts, giving you the tools and understanding to help reproduce the results on your own.

I am happy working with any level of rider, any age! RWYM is especially good for nervous or under confident riders, who have perhaps lost their nerve and would like to look at ways of overcoming these fears. If you have always felt there was more to know about riding, then this will really help you begin to understand the biomechanics of your body and how you can apply it to improve your riding and your horse's way of going.


Ridden courses can be run at your own yard (depending on numbers and location) or regular courses are offered throughout the summer at Friday Field Training.

For further information please contact Suzanne, or click here to see a list of current courses.



1 hour £38.00
45 minutes £30.00
Travel Costs £0.40 per mile

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