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My start in the equestrian world was through the BHS training system, and I owe a lot to the people that trained me through those exams, as the knowledge that I learnt then.

After seeing Monty in 1998, I felt inspired that there was another way to work with horses. I went onto do the modular courses that form The Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship, which I achieved after being invited to complete the Stage 2 in 1999. I then went on to become a Recommended Associate for Kelly Marks, Intelligent Horsemanship in 2000. I work with all sorts of horses, and my aim is to tailor my work to suit you and your horse.

Through the IH courses, I was introduced to the work of Mary Wanless, and Ride with you Mind. A keen rider, I embarked on her courses, and again took a very steep learning curve, but realised how much difference it made to the horse, with regards to my position. Feeling the differences in myself, I was keen to be able to help others in there own riding and learning, and I went on to become an accredited coach. I have taught on her courses, run clinics incorporating her work, and offer privates coaching also.

In 2007 and 2008, I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa with Kelly Marks, who was doing demonstrations there, and I ran courses in groundwork and riding. We are set to return in 2009. I also go to France and offer ridden coaching. It is such a great opportunity to be able to spread the word, and offer this work not only here in the UK, but also further afield.

Suzanne Halsey Equestrian Coach

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