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This is an opportunity for you to create a better partnership with your horse, by using the methodology of Monty Roberts, and applying it to your relationship with your horse. Group size will be 6 – 8, and you can bring your own horse, or may choose to work with one of ours (numbers limited). You will be learning how to understand how your horse feels, and why he 'does as he does'.

By using foundation ground exercises, you will see how you can apply this to everything that you do with your horse…..learn how to….'set boundaries, be consistent, remain calm and focused, and tune in to your horse more'… Start to understand how you react to certain situations, and how this affects you and your horse. Understand how he thinks and how we need to consider their natural instincts when training them.

The day will start with introductions, and an outline of what we will be doing over the day (or 2 days). We will then do some human to human work to assist you with understanding how and why and what you are doing. The focus of this session is to understand the concepts of pressure and release and 'how to ask'.

I will do join up with your horse (if you choose to), and explain the principles of what I am doing and why. Following on from that we will take each horse in turn, and work through some effective groundwork exercises with your horse. This will include working through an 'L' shape of poles, walking over a tarpaulin, walking over a see-saw bridge, and working with some spook busting techniques. Sessions will however be tailored to you and your horse, to achieve maximum benefit. This course will give you the starting point of a better relationship with your horse, and the tools to continue on with at home.


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