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These are just some of the issues that we can look at and help you and your horse overcome.

My approach is a holistic one, making a careful assessment of each horse and rider to get to the root of the problem. As physical issues are common causes of remedial problems, a thorough physical assessment (i.e. teeth, back, saddle, feet and diet) will often be our starting point. Once we are sure that the horse is free of any possible physical problems and the horse is physically fit, sound and healthy, we can commence further work.

All work will be carried out with you and your horse. The work will be explained in detail and questions are encouraged. You are welcome to take photographs or record the session on a camcorder. Follow-up help is always available if needed via phone or e-mail, or another visit if we come to a mutual decision that that is appropriate.

However, one session is often enough to enable you to continue working on your own. In our first session we will start working in some new directions. We will focus on learning how to listen, read and understand your horse and react appropriately. There are no magic cures in horsemanship, but this will show you a how to understand your horse more deeply, and gaining his trust and confidence to work with him as a partner. I will work with you and your horse together, guiding you through the steps that you need to effect the changes you want. Minor adjustments often have big effects and I will ensure that I leave you with the necessary tools to continue working with your horse on your own.

Behavioural Coaching Charges

Initial Consolation £70.00 One off introductory offer, New Clients Only
1 hour £38.00
Loading session £100.00
Travel Costs £0.40 per mile

Behavioural Coaching

Behavioural Coaching

Behavioural Coaching

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